Hatco PMG-100 NG Hotwater booster


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Water Heater Booster For Restaurant And Foodservice Dishwashers

The Hatco Powermite® Gas Booster Water Heater provides 180°F (82°C) final rinse water for sanitizing needs and guarantees dependability. This gas water heater booster is designed to fit under the dishtable, near the dishwasher to minimize the heat loss that can occur when heaters are installed in a remote location.

  • Operates on either natural or propane gas and features a burner system that utilizes both primary and secondary air for consistent ignition.
  • Includes a temperature/pressure relief valve; a pressure reducing valve; 2 temperature/pressure gauges; a blended phosphate water treatment system; a shock absorber; and low-water cut-off to prevent heating element burnout due to a low-water condition.
  • Able to spark to light with a standing pilot.