These completely customizable American Built Restaurant Ranges are available 24, 36, 48, 60 & 72 inches

  • Propane or Gas
  • Counter or Floor Models
  • Multiple configurations to fit your needs
  • Over 200 units in stock
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Heavy duty, 12”x12” cast-iron half-grates; fully leveled for easy pan sliding.
  • Heavy duty two piece cast-iron 30,000 BTU/hr open top burners.
  • One fully-concealed standing pilot, centered between front and rear burners. Burners light within seconds with the aid of 304 stainless steel flash-tubes.
  • One inch thick “Hot-Top” with H/burners rated at 20,000 BTU/hr. Comes in 12-inch width increments.
  • Highly polished “Griddles” with a 3” stainless steel grease trough. H-burners rated at 20,000 BTU/hr per burner. Comes in 12-inch increments.
  • “Radiant broiler” top with heavy cast iron cooking radiants. Each 12” section is fired by a 30,000 BTU/hr heavy duty cast iron H/burner.